Hologram for the King

Steamed chicken, carrots in curry sauce on brown rice, beer and another favorite movie ‘A Hologram for the King’ starring Tom Hanks, Sarita Chowdhury, Alexander Black, & Sidse Babet (2016). I’m looking forward to visiting friends in the middle east later this year #dinnerandamovie

NLP, Princess Diana, Veterans 1997

https://youtu.be/Z_RQxt0Wcgk Every day is amazing reconnecting across the universe back and forth in time with new and old friends. Northumbria UK this morning, Australia this afternoon and UK #veterans tonight then before lights out I bump into old tricks with RICHARD Bandler and John Grinder, Paul McKenna, and Tony Robbins #NLP “fast phobia cure or … Continue reading NLP, Princess Diana, Veterans 1997