The Detectorists

After Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes, my new favorite show is ‘Detectorists’ by writer, director, and actor McKenzie Crook. McKenzie played Garrett Keenan in British sitcom hit The Office. The 3 season show is down to earth, warmth and ‘has heart ❤ ‘ as @suemaden and I say. It’s truly beautiful. I just can’t... Continue Reading →

Ambrosia Cafe photo over 30k views

My photo of sunlight pouring into @ambrosiacafeop looking towards the Clocktower @downtown_op has received over 30,000 views @googlemaps since 12/12/2017. Elevating myself or bragging isn't my style but I just wanted to share how much exposure your reviews and photos get through Google Maps and Local Guides. Richard and Coleen Babcock, husband and wife owners... Continue Reading →

Hall cupboard door

In these short video clip (18s) you see that same shimmering light cut through the shadow on the hall cupboard door. Our dog Pippa intrigued by the goings on makes a brief appearance. #Noticing #Watching #Life #Light #Shadow #Shimmering #iPhone7plus #afternoon #thisoldhouse #1940 #video #pippamaden #dog

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