Neighborhood Traffic Calming Measures


What: Phase 1: As a citizen, invite city government to place more 25mph speed limit signs around our neighborhood streets. Measure duration (cycle time) from initial request to implementation of new road signs and continue to monitor if frequency of offenders seems to decrease. Data collection needs to be objective not subjective, so speed cameras placed in neighborhood would validate if signage alone reduces the frequency of offenses. Phase 2: Design, build, install, and configure low-cost speed cameras and supporting equipment in front of my home and neighborhood once viable solution created to capture photo of vehicle, license plate, and speed of vehicle. The data will be uploaded to a live public website so over time, the data will show trends and provide law enforcement with data to help prosecute offenders.

Why: 1. Some neighborhood traffic who are not immediate neighbors consistently break the 25mph speed limit through our street as a thoroughfare or short cut to drive from Lamar and 79th St to Metcalf and 80th street increasing the risk of harm to pedestrians and children. 2. Since the build out of the Avenue 80 rental apartments, there is no speed limit signage be driving eastwards from the corner of 80th Street and Metcalf Avenue through to 79th street and Lamar Avenue.

When: TBC when 1. Data gathered as to location of current speed limit signage; 2. Gather photographic evidence of types and location of traffic calming measures used around my neighborhoodtrial designed and completed

Where: Within the boundaries of our property lines

Who: Process Owners, Stewards, Actors: 1. Neighbors, 2. Development team, 3. Offenders, Ā 4. Law Enforcement, 5. City Government, 6. State Government,

How: Write up these straw man draft 5w2h statements to capture problem and possible actions.

How Much: Time, materials, software code, tbc.

Resources Add links to online resources,Ā studies, papers, resource below: