NLP, Princess Diana, Veterans 1997

Every day is amazing reconnecting across the universe back and forth in time with new and old friends. Northumbria UK this morning, Australia this afternoon and UK #veterans tonight then before lights out I bump into old tricks with RICHARD Bandler and John Grinder, Paul McKenna, and Tony Robbins #NLP “fast phobia cure or the rewind technique” bring used to treat #ptsd – eons ago I did a week long training in London with Bandler to become a certified NLP Practitioner.

Sadly the same week London and the world mourned the loss of Princess Diana on August 31st 1997. I remember coming down for breakfast sitting at the table and watching the news on the overhead television. I couldn’t believe it at first but later in the day I visited Buckingham and Kensington Palace and the sea of flowers was growing by the minute. At the conclusion to the training Diana’s memorial procession passed by me and seeming millions on Pall Mall.